About Us

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Microtia Atresia Malaysia (MAM) is a support group specifically for Malaysians born with Microtia and/or Atresia and their immediate family members.

Sue Yusoff
Founder and Advocate for Microtia Atresia Malaysia (MAM)

Personal Note from Sue
“Pertubuhan Microtia Atresia Malaysia (MAM) registered on February 15, 2019 stands as a platform where knowledge, life experiences and general information related to Microtia and Atresia, are shared within the Malaysian community i) born with Microtia and Atresia, ii) and parents/guardians of children born with Microtia and Atresia. This support system aims to empower these individuals as they approach and/or deal with different phases (stages) of life. As every single Microtia case is different (although the MA grade may be the same), relevant information must be updated so that the parents/guardians will continuously be motivational and supportive. Nonetheless, we cannot achieve much by ourselves, thus working with 3rd. parties (especially front-liners within the medical, health, academic services) is vital for us to create awareness amongst the Malaysian community and reach those born with Microtia and Atresia, nationwide.”

Our Vision

To own a premise where Pertubuhan Microtia Atresia Malaysia (MAM) is able to operate as a ‘Microtia Atresia Malaysia 1-stop Centre’ that provides holistic approaches in creating a productive society (with no limitations on potentials) through awareness / outreach nationwide programmes, active Q&A sessions, exploring and accessing new frontiers, and participating in community events.

Our Values

Our Beliefs

We aim to provide unbiased life-long support system to Pertubuhan Microtia Atresia Malaysia (MAM) members.
We aim to increase Microtia and Atresia awareness within the Malaysian society (nationwide).
We aim to reduce the effects of isolation resulting from insecurities and threats received from the surroundings.
We aim to work with MAM members and relevant 3rd parties to positively challenge unfairness.

Microtia and Atresia individuals can be successful in their endeavors, given the right support from the start. Effective language and communication helps Microtia and
Atresia individuals’ social, emotional and intellectual development.
When having to make choices, Microtia and Atresia individuals are mostly influenced by families with clear, balanced information.
Microtia and Atresia individuals should be involved and participate in decisions which affect them.
Microtia and Atresia individuals should be valued by society and have the same opportunities as any other disabled or able-bodied individuals.

The Logo and The Badge.

Inspired by the combined colours of Gold and Silver that is globally used to represent hearing disorders, hearing loss and hearing impairments’ on support ribbon lapel pins and pendants

TAGLINECelebrating Differences

MOTTOLove. Strength. Hope



Local & International Networking, Outreach Program, Awareness Program,Website & Media Platform, PR & Marketing, Sponsorship & Fundraising,Activities (Welfare, Social and Sports)

V. Chairperson
Asst. Secretary 1
Asst. Secretary 2
Asst. Treasurer 1
Asst. Treasurer 2

* Sue Mohd Yusoff
* Dr. Nurzaihana Zulkefly
*  Hajar Sheikh Ali
*  Nor Ermiliani Zulkafely
*  Nurhidayah Baharin
*  Syed Jaafar Syed Othman
*  Michelle King
*  Siti Naemah Mansor
*  Aqil Alexander Rosli Amran
*  Rosli Ahmad
*  Mohd. Helmy Norman


Events (Awareness and Outreach)
Membership (FB & WA)
Social Media

* Shu Fong & Aqil Alexander Rosli Amran
* Dr. Noorul Basyirah Kamarulzaman & Sue Yusoff
* Nursaliha Abdul Hadi & Sue Yusoff
* Siti Nur’ Rahmah M. Shah & Dr Nurzaihana
* Sharifah Mashitah Syed Mokhtar & Dr Nurzaihana
* Sue & Dr Nurzaihana (Facebook Open & Closed Page)
* Nursaliha Abdul Hadi (Instagram)
* Aqil Alexander Rosli Amran (YouTube Channel)